18/06/2015 Development / angular

In Angular Material Design, exists any importants classes CSS.

  • md-primary
  • md-war
  • md-accent

This is classes, indicator the first colors on elements.

md-default-theme // Indicator the theme default

md-button // Indicator the button

md-raised // This is used for display: block in element em apply background color.

md-cornered // Create a button com border-radius: 0

md-padding // Add padding 16px default

Attibute layout-padding // Add padding 8px default


 flex-sm="100" flex-gt-sm="50" flex-gt-md="25" // resolution

.md-ripple-container // add position absolute, left:0 top:0 width: 100%, height: 100%, pointer-events

md-fab md-fab-bottom-left fab-position // insert button with border-radius 50% left or right , bottom or top

md-medium-tall // used in <md-toolbar>